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Opinion and comments on general real estate practices and activity in Colorado Springs.

Many buyers have been waiting in the wings to get into the buyers' marketplace because they have heard stories of increased lender requirements and difficulty in qualifying for a loan. There has also been a fear of the need for large down payments which many buyers, particularly first time buyers, do not have.
Effective April 16, 2015 all new water heaters installed in residential properties will be required to match new energy efficient guidelines. This will undoubtedly result in a higher cost (sometimes double) to the homeowner.
In this blog I will cover: Eligibility Requirements; The Size of Your Loan; Interest Rates Fixed vs. Adjustable; How much Cash is Available from a Reverse & the Criticism of a Reverse Mortgage
When it comes to the housing market, 2015 may be the year first-time home buyers make a comeback.
You get what you pay for when you hire a full-time Realtor.
This is a look at what to expect in the coming year that may have a significant impact on the local real estate market.
It's natural to want to blame someone or something when things don't go the way you had planned. Is that always the best way to solve a problem?
Halloween is October 31st and neighbors will be full of kids and parents. Is your front entryway ready for Halloween visitors? Keep everything fun and accident-free with these seven safety tips.
Everyone has heard how competitive the market is and how important it is to stage a home before it goes on the market. All of that is true but I also believe a home that is well loved and lived in will attract buyers as well.
Is the size and/or reputation of a real estate company the most important thing to consider when hiring a Broker to represent you.