My Home is not getting any Showings!

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Your Home is not having any Showings!

Let’s blame the Broker, that’s the easy way out.  But let’s examine one of the major problems in a buyer’s market.   Too High of a Price.  The goal of a listing price is to generate multiple showings.  Then for one or more of these showings; to generate an offer on the home.

95% of listings are viewed on line by Brokers and buyers.  We know the pool of buyers have seen the listing and moved on if our phone does not ring for a couple of weeks.  In the past you only got one chance at the first impression.  But with today’s technology we have multiple chances to attract a buyer. 

A price adjustment will get the home a fresh new look from a new pool; buyers in a lower price bracket and a return look from the original pool.  The return look is because the Broker knows the buyer was interest and may come back to take a second look due to the lower price.

What’s the time frame to have the home sold? If the home is not getting showings with any interest, and there is a time frame to be met, then lower the price.  Brokers will see the price change immediately.  Keep adjusting your price to meet the market conditions and the level of your patience.

The home is only “Worth” what a Buyer is “Willing” to pay “When” you need to get it sold.

Mark Potter GRI, SRES, CNE, e-pro  719-331-4824

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